Channarayana Durga Fort Trek

Channarayana Durga Fort Trek
Channarayana Durga Fort Trek
Channarayana Durga Fort Trek
Channarayana Durga Fort Trek

Starts From

₹ 1500/-
₹ 1200/-

About The Trip

If you are a trekking enthusiast, an avid history and structure lover, or an adventure junkie, then this trek to Channarayana Durga is the trek to your taste, to quench that thirst for adventure. This stands out among other Bangalore treks by the magnificent strategic fort situated at a height of 3734 feet, bringing back the era of the 17th century to life.


With Travel - Bangalore ₹ 1100/-

Without Travel - Arrange Your Own Transport ₹ 599/-
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From : INR 1500/-

INR 1200/-

per person

*Prices will vary for Long Weekend
With Travel - Bangalore ₹ 1100/-

Without Travel - Arrange Your Own Transport ₹ 599/-
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Brief Itinerary

Brief Itinerary

  • Pickup Starts at 5 AM
  • Stop for Breakfast on the way
  • Reach the trek base at 8:30 
  • Start the trek
  • Soak your legs at The lake 
  • Head to the fort
  • Explore the top
  • Descend and Reach the Base by 2:30 – 3:00 PM (approx )
  • Late Lunch Enroute
  • Reach Bangalore by 5 PM approx

Inclusions & Exclusions


  • To and fro Transport from Bangalore ( Non A/c)

  • Breakfast

  • Forest Department Permits

  • Trek leader from Plan The Unplanned

  • Experience that you gain


  • Any meals not included above

  • Any kind of personal expenses

  • Any kind of insurance (health, medical, life accidental, etc )

  • Anything not included above

Pickup Points

Udupi Grand, Teacher's Colony, HSR Layout

Show Directions

Arrival time: 5 a.m.

Departure time: 5:05 a.m.

Yamaha Showroom Domlur

Show Directions

Arrival time: 5:30 a.m.

Departure time: 5:35 a.m.

Cubbon Park Signal

Show Directions

Arrival time: 5:45 a.m.

Departure time: 5:50 a.m.

KTM Mekhri Circle

Show Directions

Arrival time: 6:10 a.m.

Departure time: 6:15 a.m.

Yeshwanthpur Metro

Show Directions

Arrival time: 6:25 a.m.

Departure time: 6:30 a.m.

Without Travel

Detail Itinerary



The starting point of the trail starts from a small temple in the village Channarayana Durga. The trek trail can be divided into 3 parts with lots of surprises awaiting you along the trail.
The start of the trek is a little challenging with a moderately steep climb over the rock surface where you need to watch your step and keep climbing towards your left only to reach a fairly flat surface with a mandapa-like structure at one end. The structure with the blue background and Tumkur district stretched far wide behind gives it a live picture frame moment with slow wind flowing through your ears. You can rest here for a while and capture the moment before you start ascending further. As you start to scale the rock surface further to your right, you think of the trail to be uninteresting, but to your surprise, you will see flowers bobbing their heads to the cool breeze. Little do you know what lies ahead!

First Milestone for a relaxing view.
After 15 – 20 minutes towards the top, you will reach the first stone build entrance and the second stage of the fort – ‘The lost paradise’. After entering the entrance, the top part of the fort is now more visible, stretched wide to wonder where the entrance of the fort might be. Mesmerized by the huge structure in front of your eyes, you walk further to the right and your surprise there’s a calm lake right amidst the small fort ruins reflecting the huge structure of the fort beautifully in the water. This calls for a break! Here you can laze around by the lakeside and immerse your feet in the cold water to relax. You can site a few temples along the trail and there’s one right near the lake. The small ruins of the fort and temples and architectural structures of the mantapas remind us of the glory it held in the past. The trail is not much explored and you can expect guests while lazing around the water to accompany you. The notorious monkeys are fun to watch and it's best to maintain a distance from them. During the rainy season, the fortress becomes a little difficult to climb as the rocks turn slippery and would require good technical skills for one to successfully make it to the top. 

Channarayana Durga is a picturesque place and photo lovers can have a lot of creative ideas for a shoot. 

After the lake, it’s now a final ascend via the ruins. The trail goes around the lake through the trees and bushes surrounding the lake. A left from the huge wall and then right through the stone entrance will take you the right way to the top of the fort, avoid taking a right as the route is slightly challenging with huge grasses and the trail being unclear with rocks in between.

This leads you to the final stage- ‘The top’. The beautiful views and the hills nearby the field keep us company as we make our way to the top. The villages now appear as small dots as you gain further altitude. You start stepping on the grass fields now your eyes towards the top main entrance and wait, you might have company! If you are lucky enough you might find a rabbit hopping around the green field going its way. We were surprised to see one at the top. The main entrance of the fort has steps laid in the front. You climb the steps and victoriously enter the fort to explore the most amazing and breathtaking views! 
After spending enough time on the top, carefully descend the fort having fun along the way to reach back to Bangalore.

The last entrance to the top of the fort. 360 view from the top.
After the descent, you can stop at the Mandagiri Betta in Tumkur, also known as Basadi Betta. It is a hillock that houses several Jain temples and is surrounded by boulders of many shapes and sizes. This is famous for a panoramic view of Pandithanahalli village, and is particularly known for the beautiful architecture, the pinch-shaped 81 feet tall Guru Mandir, where the pinch is a peacock feather fan for the uninitiated. 
So, don’t keep your enthusiasm waiting. Book with us right away for this adventurous escape. If you want to see what other weekend treks we offer, check out our upcoming Bangalore treks! 

Happy trekking to you! 

Things To Carry

  • Small backpack to carry your essentials during the trek
  • Water bottles – 2 (1 litre each)
  • Lunch Box & Spoon to carry your packed lunch
  • Raincoat/Bag covers in case of rains
  • Flip-flops for lazing around the campsite
  • Torch/Headlamp to be used at night
  • Portable chargers for your electronics
  • Extra pair of clothes to change into once wet
  • Polybags to pack your wet clothes
  • Extra cash for meals not included in the itinerary


Policy and Terms

Refund/Cancellation Policy – Weekend Trips from Bangalore

In the event that YOU cancel your trek, this is the cancellation policy we follow:
Intimation Period*

Cancellation Fee**

7 days or more

10% of the total invoice value

Between 3-6 days

50% of the total invoice value

Between 0-2 days

100% of the total invoice value

*Intimation Period means the number of days before the tour is scheduled to start 

**Cancellation Fee is the amount of money that will be deducted from the total billing amount before offering the refund.


  • Cancellations on the day of departure or a day prior due to work/family emergencies, health issues, etc. would not be entertained, and no refund or transfer to further dates shall be allowed for the same. 
  • If you are wanting to cancel out on the day of departure and move the trek to a future date an additional charge of RS 1500 would have to be incurred to make the movement to a future date. This can be availed only within 3 months from the date of the actual trip departure.
  • Additional charges would be deducted (based on from where you booked) if you cancel the trek at any given date (along with the scenario described above), as payment gateway/event listing charges.

Transfer of Dates Policy

  • If you wish to shift your date of booking due to any unforeseen circumstances, the same should be intimated to us not less than 72 hours before the date of the event. (Not valid for group or corporate bookings)
  • Only one transfer per booking shall be permitted. Your booking shall stand canceled if you fail to join the event on the transferred dates.
  • Once the option of data transfer is made, the booking amount shall be held as credits with us, and in no case will a refund be made further on.
  • Transfer of Dates is not valid for Bhutan, Meghalaya, Himalayan Treks, Spiti or any other event worth is above 5000/- INR.
  • Transfer of dates on the day of departure shall be possible at an additional charge of 1500/- per person  (applicable for few events).

In the pandemic everything is unpredictable, and we are doing our best to give you the finest services. We are also abiding by guidelines laid by government for everyone’s safety. In this, if the government issues a lockdown notice 24 hours before the departure date, we will issue full refund. The money will be directly credited to your account.

In another scenario, if lockdown notice is imposed on the departure date, we will secure your amount in the form of credits that you can use for further bookings. Consider it your bank for future bookings. Your money is safe with us.

For all the above choices, you can transfer your tickets to your friends. We would be more than happy to have them on board and you could save your hard-earned money.


Well, most of our treks are usually confirmed by Thursday and you would receive a BON VOYAGE mail that would contain details as regards Pickup Points ( Location and Timings ), Outdoor Leader ( Point of Contact ), Do’s and Don’ts. You’ll be added to Whatsapp Group for all further updates.

Yes, the Bon Voyage mail would contain a link for Whatsapp Group through which one can join and interact with fellow travellers and outdoor leaders.

The interesting thing about travelling alone is that you get to meet new people from diverse backgrounds, and towards the end, you are no longer strangers. Hence solo travellers are always welcome to join us on our trips. Read more about solo travelling here and get inspired!

Safety and security are our priority at all times. Hence it is safe for women/girls to join us on our treks and travels. Our trek leaders accompany the team at all times, and our campsites are secured and safe for accommodation. We also have female trek leaders who accompany us on most of our treks.

Not at all. You could keep all the extra luggage back at the campsite/homestay/bus and carry only the necessary stuff for the trek (Raincoats, Torchlight, Waterbottle, lunchbox, and your valuable)

Well, you are in the mountains and none of our trails has a washroom facility during the trek.

Details for availing discounts are mentioned in the following link,

Yes, we do have options for picking a traveller on board with a few locations provided they are on the route to our destination. The following are the same: - Croma Store, Sony World Signal - Trinity Circle Metro Station - Yeshwanthpur Metro Station - Goraguntepalya Metro Station - Nayanadahalli Metro Station

Well, if you select this option, all the travel arrangements for your entire itinerary must be managed by yourself, and Plan the Unplanned crew will not be managing anything related to your travel. We recommend you come via car for a smooth travel experience to, from and within the destination.

We are extremely sorry, you cannot postpone to any future date in case you fail to attend the trek on the mentioned date for any reasons whatsoever (family/health/work emergencies). You can write to us at [email protected] as regards and our team will get in touch with you on the same

Yes. Channarayana Durga might be a good first hike for someone who has an active lifestyle. We encourage some preparation before tackling a hike for persons who live a very sedentary lifestyle.

It is a hilltop fort in Karnataka's Tumkur district that is close to Madhugiri. Within the fort, there are a few temples and historic buildings. One of the best places for trekking around Bangalore is this. In the Middle Ages, Channarayana Durga served as a strategic fortification, and several battles were waged to claim it.

Throughout the trek, a solid network is provided. When you are trekking, the majority of the main network providers, including Vodafone, Airtel, and Jio, pick up signals.

This is a one-day trek. So it won’t be possible to leave the luggage at the homestay. You can leave it on the bus and carry the necessary for the trek

Vehicles can easily get to the start of the hike. By road, the base is well linked. Parking is available immediately at the base. As a result, you may park your car and begin your hike directly from the campground!

If you go trekking during the monsoon season, you will almost certainly encounter leeches along the way.

It's not necessary to camp atop Channarayana Durga either. The walk may be finished in one day, returning you to the base settlement. Additionally, the fact that hikers are camped atop the hill may not be well received by the locals at the base. If you wish to set up camp, you can ask the locals for permission and find a spot close to the base in one of the farmlands.

No, it is not possible to trek Channarayana Durga during the monsoon season.

Additional Information


  • Consumption of alcohol, intoxicants and smoking would not be tolerated during the entire course of the journey and the trek. Kindly co-operate with us to make the experience more fun.
  • Do not expect any luxuries on the trip. The locations that we host are at remote places and we do our best to arrange the basic facilities. The goal is to be outdoors.
  • The Food that shall be provided will be Basic Veg Food. We do not serve Non-Veg Food.
  • Put Litter in its place, do not trash your travel.
  • Plan The Unplanned shall not be responsible for any of your belongings, valuables, jewellery etc.  Kindly do take care.
  • In the case of traffic delays or breakdowns, expect a little delay in reaching the destination.


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From : INR 1500/-

INR 1200/-

per person

*Prices will vary for Long Weekend
With Travel - Bangalore ₹ 1100/-

Without Travel - Arrange Your Own Transport ₹ 599/-
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Channarayana Durga Fort Trek
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