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+91 9482070194 / 7760710005 sayhello@plantheunplanned.com

About Us

The Story

What’s life without adventure? Isn’t the real purpose of life to travel, to experience new places, and witness the sunrise from new mountaintops? 

This thought is what united Jatin and Tarun over a cup of chai, in spite of being from two unrelated backgrounds (CA and IT). They knew each other since the time Jatin was helping Tarun learn the ways of the wilderness through weekend treks and outings with another traveling group. Their love for traveling and trekking together motivated them to start something of their own. Thus was born “Plan The Unplanned”, where travel goals come true. Under the Companies Act, Plan The Unplanned is incorporated as Unplanned Journeys Private Limited

They started their journey on unsteady ground, much like any other company, but they shared an infatuation for travel and adventure with their customers, which amplified their determination, and thus, Plan the Unplanned family keeps getting bigger every day! 

Just about any travel idea can come alive with Plan The Unplanned…treks, adventure activities like rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, backpacking trips across the country, cultural outings, photo walks; everything that fellow travelers need, to explore the great outdoors together. 

Well now that the wanderlust has kicked in and you can already see a vacation in your nearest future, here’s what we have to offer!

Unmatched Quality Of Service

We’re not lying, and we have plenty of great reviews to prove it. Why believe someone else, though? Come with us and find out yourself!

Experienced Outdoor Leaders

Our passionate and friendly trek leads know trek routes like the back of their hand, and they will not let you worry about a single thing!

Focus on Offbeat Experiences

Yeah, touristy spots drive us crazy, too. We’ll take you to places that are sure to awaken the explorer in you.

Protectors of The Wild

It goes without saying that Mother Nature is our first love, and we strive to keep her as she’s supposed to be…clean, green, and beautiful!

Why Choose Us?

Discover Your Dauntless Side

Experience the sheer joy of breathing in the fresh air of the lush green mountainside, sipping the cold & crystal clear water, and discover your courage with unplanned, adventurous trails under endless skies. We promise you the most memorable and exhilarating experiences where you can embrace the fearless side of you. Join us, oh Adventurer, if you have an unstoppable desire to get going and discover wondrous places! 

Let Us Sail You Away

On Journeys You Have Never Taken!

Experience a world that exists at the edge of our world….filled with adventure..? Be a part of Plan The Unplanned Family!



Reviews – More than 11,000 travelers over the last 3 years have placed their trust in us, and are glad that they did so! Go check them out and come back soon, we have places to see! [place links for the respective platform’s reviews]

Facebook (4.9 ★/1000+ Reviews) | TripAdvisor (5★/500+ Reviews) | Google Business (4.9 ★/1000+ Reviews)



Our Trek Leaders are trained to ensure the safety & security of our travelers. They’re well equipped to provide first-aid & proper care in case of any emergency. Fear not, we’ll make sure that the only thing you worry about is getting the right angles for your pictures! 



Certification – We are a proud recipient of the ‘2019 Certificate of Excellence’ from Trip Advisor and are affiliated by the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI).



We have an incredible and diverse team of more than 60 Trek Leaders who are well versed with the trek routes, super adventurous, and always on their toes to sprinkle happiness to your unplanned journeys with us.



Unplanned Stories – We’ve hosted a series of Travel Talks that have been attended by 500+ travelers with over 13 Episodes in the last 3 years. Travelers & Instagram Influencers have collaborated with us to share their stories.


Journeys Beyond Borders – What started off with weekend trips around Bangalore, has now become a much bigger adventure; hosting treks in the Himalayan Region, backpacking journeys across Bhutan & Sri Lanka, adventure trips to Andaman & Nicobar are a few of our journeys beyond borders. We have plans to expand and curate more amazing trips in the days ahead.


Superb Membership Offers – Plan The Unplanned offers amazing ‘Membership’ deals to all its members – ranging from Refund facilities, discounts as well as free trips!


Responsible & Sustainable Trips – We aim to reach out to the locals, engage with them, and provide economic support. We are also focused on environmental conservation and all our treks/trips are eco-friendly. Mother Nature is our greatest gift, let us be grateful!


Other Feathers Of Achievement On Our Hat:

1. We’re known to be one of the highest-rated travel companies in Bangalore. We have even provided specially curated Corporate Team Outing programs. We’ve closely worked with Decathlon, Cognizant, Intel, ITC Hotels, 91 SpringBoard, and several other companies.

2. We’ve been featured on multiple platforms like Bangalore Mirror, The Hindu, ScoopWhoop, as well as other reputed platforms.

3. Our Co-Founder also spoke at TEDxPESITBSC, sharing his incredible experiences and the ideas behind forming PTU.

Meet The Team

Jatin Munvar

Co - Founder

Harsh Patel

Internal Coordinator

Akshay S

Internal Coordinator