Plan The Unplanned presents Banavasi – First Capital of Karnataka.

We all feed and learn from our Kisans !!

India’s heart lies in its villages. Every rural community is steeped in folklore and indigenous craft. The traditional way of life will greatly enrich anyone’s energy. Deep into the roads from Sirsi, lies a small village with a bus stand being the only source of transportation for people, pineapple the daily snack which the whole village rejoices on, milk brewed from buffalo every morning, different cuisines at every point of time, the true feeling of being a Kannadiga smelling from the soil.

Let us explore one of the unseen unexplored historical places in Karnataka.

The Kadambas were the first indigenous dynasty to use Kannada, the language of the soil, at an administrative leave in the history of Karnataka.

This is Banavasi – the oldest and the First Capital of Karnataka. It lies deep in the rainforests of the Western Ghats with the Varada river flowing around it on three sides.

Existing since 4000 BC, the period of Mahabharata, Banavasi was known as ‘Vanavasika’. Greek geographer Ptolemy mentioned Banavasi as ‘Banousi’ in his famous book in 1st century A.D. It was called ‘Jayanthipura’ or ‘Vaijayanthi Pura’ during the Kadamba period in the early 4th century A.D. Huen Tsang the Chinese traveler-monk who was in India between 630-644 C.E, visited Konkanapura called Konkanapulo (referred in Chinese scripts) or Banavasi.

It’s an eco-tourism destination which is rustic and rural flavors, and you can look forward to real cultural experience while enjoying the beauty of nature.There will be no TV in rooms as we’ll encourage you to be in the outdoors enjoying various activities like bird watching, Nature walk, Heritage walk etc.

The meal which we serve you comprises a wide range of fresh powders and chutneys made of lentils, chilies, tamarind, and oil cake with Rice / Millets. The food is made by local families. It is noncommercial and healthy.

Don’t forget to try the fresh Pineapples. The best Pineapples are grown in Banavasi.

There are many skilled craftspersons like carpenters, potters, rangoli artists, pith coronet carver, yakshagana mask makers, etc. who excel in their craft. You can meet, interact and buy directly from them.

Alert: Upcoming Events!!! (19th – 21st Jan 2018)

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TREK DATES  19th – 21st Jan 2018
LOCATION Bangalore
DISTANCE 6 kms (to and fro)
DAY 0 Leave from Bangalore at 8:00 PM
 DAY 1
  • Reach Banavasi around 6 AM
  • Freshen up
  • Have Breakfast
  • Leave for Chandragutti fort with packed lunch.
  • Trek to the fort till 12 noon
  • Have lunch at the top
  • Leave for Unchalli falls
  • Enjoy Sunset at Gudnapura Lake
  • Reach back to homestay
  • Activities and dinner
  • Wake up at 6 AM. Small walk to Pampa vana for yoga and enjoying the sunrise
  • Visit Madhukeshwara Temple
  • Workshop by Locals about cooking with Pineapple along with Breakfast
  • Leave from Homestay
  • Nature walk in Gudavi Bird Sanctuary
  • Depart for Bangalore by 10:00 PM (approx)
 Transportation(Non-AC) to and fro from Bangalore Sharing basis accommodation in homestay/rooms
Local traditional Banavasi Food ( Veg Only ) 2 Breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner
A local cultural experience you gain.   Connecting with local culture of Old Karnataka
Second Day Lunch Any kind of insurance
 Personal Expense(snacks, mineral water etc.) Anything not included in the inclusions above


  1. Consumption of alcohol, intoxicants, and smoking would not be tolerated during the entire course of the journey. Kindly co-operate with us to make the experience more fun.
  2. Put Litter in its place, do not trash the mother earth.
  3. Plan The Unplanned shall not be responsible for any of your belongings, valuables, jewelry etc. Kindly do take care.
  4. In the case of traffic delays or breakdowns expect a few delay in reaching the destination.

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For booking enquiry you can call us at: 9035182699, 9428909952

Following are your pickup/drop locations. You could let us know which would be appropriate to you before the trek in advance. Also note, the drop points would be the same as pick up.

  1. Fabindia – House No. 54, 17th Main Road, Opp. Madivala Masjid, Koramangala 2nd Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  2. New Shanti Sagar Hotel – Old Airport Road, Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  3. KTM Mekhri Circle – Mekhri Circle Junction, Raj Mahal Vilas Extension, Armane Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Kindly note the timings for the above pickups, would be updated to you a day before the trek.

We request you to kindly carry the following. It’s better to be prepared rather than not prepared.

  • Yourself (That’s most important – after all you paid us!)
  • Rucksack (Just stuff your things in!)
  • 2 water bottle – 1 litre each (Hydration is much needed.)
  • Torch/Headlamp (It’ll be really dark at night.)
  • Portable charger (You might just want to keep your phone aside, but then, selfies toh banta hai!)
  • Deodorant (You shouldn’t stink!)
  • Paytm balance (Thanks to Demonetization)
  • Money (You’ll not need it, but do carry some!)
  • Energy Food ( Chocolate bars, Electrolyte drinks – Glucon-D, etc ) (You can carry some extra – we don’t mind to share!)
  • Raincoat / Bag cover (Of course, you don’t want your rucksack to get all wet!)
  • An extra pair of clothes, socks, undergarments, T-Shirt (And we don’t want you to walk in drenched clothes!)
  • Flip-flops (Just to laze around the campsite.)
  • First Aid Kit (along with personal medicine as per your requirement)
  • Toilet kit (Not much would be required – just your toothbrush would do)
  • Towel (Oh! We believe in saving water. Let’s ditch bathing for two days!)


Banavasi - Plan The Unplanned
Banavasi - Plan The Unplanned
Banavasi - Plan The Unplanned
Banavasi - Plan The Unplanned
Banavasi - Plan The Unplanned
Banavasi - Plan The Unplanned
Banavasi - Plan The Unplanned

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