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Trekking During Covid-19

The COVID 19 pandemic has come to our lives as a massive blow, leaving people and businesses to grapple with unforeseen challenges across the globe & Trekking During Covid-19 is not that easy now.

It has turned lives around and has created an unusual scenario that nobody was prepared for. It feels like the world has come to a standstill, someone has hit the pause button; all those trekking trips, weekend getaways to mountains and oceans seem like plans from a lifetime ago.

Who would’ve thought that trekking during COVID-19 is actually possible?

Talking about businesses, one of the worst-hit industries has been the hospitality industry. Travel and tourism have taken a massive hit reaching an all-time low.

Millions of people whose livelihood is derived from the travel and allied industry – the warm faces you see when you arrive at their homestays, the people who drive tirelessly to take you closer to your adventures have come so close to losing their livelihoods.

One tiny virus has generated such deep fear, confusion, and raised innumerable questions about the future.

Having said that, nothing stands permanent. After a massive knockout, we are working to get back on our feet again to give you the same joy, excitement, and safety while trekking during COVID-19.

The hospitality sector in Karnataka is set to resume 8th June 2020 onward and we at Plan The Unplanned are very excited to have you back while giving your safety the utmost priority.

Unique times call for unique responses and Plan the Unplanned is committed to ensuring that you get the best possible experience in the safest manner possible.

To ensure your safety and congruence with all the mandatory safety guidelines we have come up with a slew of hygiene standards for treks which we will be strictly adhering to on every departure henceforth: –


Before commencing on any departure, we will be ensuring that we have a green light from homestays, forest departments, transport authorities, district authorities, and all other relevant authorities to make your trip as effortless as it has always been.

Before your departure, the transport – buses/coaches will be fully sanitized.

Before you reach the destination, there will be a sanitation drive at the homestays as well.

While the homestays/camps will be fully sanitized, in the interest of your safety and fool proofing our efforts of keeping you safe, you will be required to carry your own bedsheets, pillow covers, and/or sleeping bag liners.

In adherence to social distancing guidelines, we will be taking limited bookings for each batch.

Tempo Traveller – 8 People
Mini Bus ( 21 Seater ) – 12 people
Multi-Axle Bus ( 33 Seater ) – 15 people
In addition, we request you to use masks, gloves, and sanitizers during transit – while using public washrooms, etc. While the treks, homestays/camps, and PTU vehicles are safe, we need to exercise caution during transit.

We also urge you to bring a small tiffin with you to carry packed food during the trek and preferably your own spoon and recommend against sharing any wearables and applicators – caps, sunglasses, sunscreens, facewash, soap, etc.

You can have a thorough look at the “Things to Carry” section for each trek and ensure you have it all before starting out! These requirements are dynamic and will constantly evolve with the evolving situation of trekking during covid-19.

You can be fully assured that we at PTU are doing everything in our capacity to make this experience as effortless and safe for you as it has always been.

Having said that, we are sure you know that it takes two to tango! We expect you to be as vigilant, conscious, and careful as we are trying to be.

Please take appropriate measures to maintain your personal hygiene and adhere to all our safety norms. After all, your well-being rests in your hands.

Like we mentioned earlier, unique situations call for unique responses, and incorporating the new set of measures at every stage of the trip will lead to a marginal price hike, without which it will be nearly impossible to incorporate all the safety measures we have envisaged for you!

We hope you understand.

In the end, all we have to say is that life is truly about planning the unplanned. When it was least expected, a tiny virus shook our world and knocked us over like never before.

Now as we get back on our feet, we must learn to live and adapt in this “Post COVID-19” recovering world till normalcy is completely restored. Together, with combined efforts, we can make activities like our beloved trekking safe again.

You Can Check All The Guidelines Provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Department of India Here

Trekking During Covid-19 Trekking During Covid-19 Trekking During Covid-19 Trekking During Covid-19


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