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Ever seen inspiring posts on your feed that had solo trip and felt inspired to go on that dream vacay all on your own?
As shown in movies or travel blogs sometimes solo travel is all you need to break the monotony in your routine lives to connect with your soul.

But scared of your safety, expensive accommodation, expenditure, and boredom?

Then you should go on a solo trip with complete strangers and here’s why

1. You get out of your comfort zone
The world today is growing and it is important to break communication barriers. You will learn to introduce yourself and adapt to new environments which will go a long way in helping you in real life where you might have to change jobs or move to new cities and basically adjust to new people

2. You meet like-minded people
It can be someone from the same profession as you or someone who loves the same Rock band as you. Meet people having the same interests, hobbies, and lifestyles as you and become good friends with them and you never know, you may return with friends for life

3. You also meet people who are different from you
Your perspective about things changes as you meet people from diverse backgrounds and cultures thus making you broaden your vision and become a more social person. You can get to know people younger than you or twice your age but you will definitely learn from each of them.

4. You share the budget for all the activities
From transport to accommodation to all the activities in your itinerary, everything is shared thus making it lighter in your pocket compared to a completely solo trip and you still experience the same journey

4. It’s safer
You will have people to hold you when you slip from the rock you’re climbing and someone will always have your back. Chances of getting mugged/cheated are also lower and your safety will be taken care of, especially if you’re a woman. The whole group of strangers is accountable for the safety

5. It’s a unique and different experience
You learn and understand yourself better and also learn from the people around you and from their different yet interesting lives.

6. You learn to embrace the similarities and appreciate differences
You may be a coffee person while your co-traveler is a tea person. It makes you more adaptive, open-minded to other’s preferences, and also more accommodative.

7. You’ll never be bored or lonely
Your travel will seem more fun and time will pass smoothly as you travel with strangers, the journey will seem less long as you have someone to talk to and if your group decides to have games and fun activities you’ll have a great time.

8. You utilize each other’s strengths and weaknesses making the travel more efficient
You may be great at navigation but if you don’t know the local language of the place you’re off to or don’t know cooking and find it hard to eat outside all the time when traveling then a trip with strangers will get you covered as every person will have a skill that adds to making the trip more efficient and you will be helping each other out with everything.

So what are you waiting for, get over your inhibitions and fears and set out on a trip with strangers and explore the world, you will return confident, experienced, and enthralled?

Make sure you go with trusted organizations like us(PLAN THE UNPLANNED) that arrange such trips for solo travelers and let your folks at home know about where you are going and staying and have a great trip.

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About the author

Sanjana an ambitious, talented, energetic traveler. Excels in Zumba and MMA. She is a perfect blend of Art and Travel.
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