“Malleshwaram” gets its name from a 300-year-old Kaadu Malleshwara Temple. It has a strong sense of History and Culture. It is one of the oldest places of Bengaluru.

The 8th cross-market, a regular shopper’s delight in Malleshwaram is one of the busiest markets of Bengaluru. From colorful piles of fruits, vegetables and flowers to whatever supplies you need, this market has got it all.

Trell & Plan The Unplanned present, our next Photo Walk at Malleshwaram Market! Join us in capturing the busiest moments of this market while we savor some of best foods of Malleshwaram.

Trell is a platform through which you can share your travel experiences, foodie goals, and weekend antics. An app that aims to celebrate the explorer in everyone, Trell is a community of explorers that share the spirit of adventure. Navigating the streets of Bangalore through “insta” ready photo walks and tasting every kind of cuisine Bangalore has to offer through food walks that could put cooking show judges to shame, we try to experience everything that is Bangalore. Capturing moments through stunning visuals and quirky stories, we are quite adept at living life to the fullest!

Event Host:

Suman: Suman is a hobbyist photographer who is stuck between passion and profession. An electrical engineer by degree but works in an IT cubicle by force. Exhibited numerous photos in national exhibitions and newspaper daily.

Suman’s Work: https://www.instagram.com/misterkasa/

DATE 12th Nov 2017
LOCATION Bangalore
TIME 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Meet at 7:00 AM
  • Have breakfast at CTR and take a group picture.
  • Head to the market and click.
  • Head to Antarashtriya and Hari Super Sandwich for Snacks.
  • Wrap up the walk.

Alert: Other treks happening this Weekend(10th – 12th Nov)!!!

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Kumara Parvatha Trek

Gokarna Trek and Camping

Makalidurga Trek


  1. This is not only for the ones who own a DSLR camera but for everyone from phone Photographers to DSLR and amateur to professionals.
  2. Plan The Unplanned and Trell will not be responsible for any loss/ hamper of your possessions. We request you to be alert about whatever you carry.
  3. Your camera (Any camera of any make is fine)
  4. Fully charged batteries for your camera/flash
  5. Backup memory cards in case you run short of space
  6. Carry your personal medicines if you are on medication
  7. Smoking during the walk is strictly prohibited
  8. Each shall have to bear the cost of food etc. that he/she might purchase

For photo walk enquiry you can call us at: +91 7760710005

Photo Walk Bangalore- Plan The Unplanned
Photo Walk Bangalore- Plan The Unplanned
Photo Walk Bangalore- Plan The Unplanned
Photo Walk Bangalore- Plan The Unplanned
Photo Walk Bangalore- Plan The Unplanned
Photo Walk Bangalore- Plan The Unplanned

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