Are you looking for a simple yet outstanding way to pimp up your travel blog? Do you want to show to your beloved ones how special is the way you see a place while traveling? Would you love to add some extra to your social media to gain followers who appreciate an artistic touch of a personal view of a place? If the answer is yes, our two days intense animated travel jurnal workshop is for you.

If you think urban sketching or animation is not for everyone, we have a great news! Making a fast sketch of a place what’s catching your interest is not as hard as you think, and turning it into an animated gif or short video is actually something, what you can learn to do within a few hours. This workshop is for everyone who would love to share their unique travel experiences with those they care about. Curious newbies and experienced pirates are both welcome.

In our workshop you will learn:

  • To gain confidence of drawing
  • The basics of urban sketching
  • Find and develop your own personal style
  • The basics of stop motion animation
  • The technical background of digitizing and animating the artwork of your travel journal, and converting it into gifs or short videos with open source softwares

The two days workshop is taking place in Constukt Startup Hostel on 17-18th of February, from 10am to 5pm with an hour lunch break between the sessions.

We provide all materials, tea, coffee and snacks, but the lunch is on you. For a more fluent workflow we kindly ask you to bring your laptop, if it’s possible.


About Eszter Drienyovszki

Eszter is a Hungarian illustrator and animator whose passion is spreading art all around the World. She graduated as a graphic designer in Budapest right before moving to Portugal, where she fell in love with the vibe of Lisbon, what pushed her to create her first animated travel journal, a love letter to the city in the form of the short film Lisbon Sketches, in collaboration with the Finnish composer Mikael Kuosmannen. Since then wherever she goes keeps drawing, and spreading the love towards urban sketching.

‘I believe, everyone can draw. We all draw when we are kids, and we all have fun while doing it. The way how we draw is just as unique as our fingerprints, and to find our personal way of expression is as important as finding the right words by composing a letter. I push people out of their comfort zone to show that the confidence while embracing our own personal style is way more important than to follow some so-called rules of creating art. Because art is about seeing the individuals, and not about art itself.’

About her artwork see more: eyeror404.com

Here are two examples what technique we will learn:
Tartu Sketches:

Lisbon Sketches:

Daily Schedule

Date: 17th-18th Feb 2018

Venue: Construkt Startup Hostel, Koramangala

17th February | Saturday

10am to 1pm

  • Get to know each other
  • Everyone can draw – Good practices to gain confidence
  • Break (30 min)
  • Getting familiar with the method of Urban sketching and stop motion animation: watching examples, useful tips and tricks, gaining a general understanding about the method, copyright in a nutshell, where to find common license music/sound effect

1pm to 2pm


2pm to 5pm

  • A bit more about sketching (if needed)
  • Let’s get our hand dirty: field work – sketching on the street in the neighborhood
  • Meeting at 4.30pm, and look over the artwork of the participants
  • Closing

18th February | Sunday

10am to 1pm

  • Deciding about the artistic aims of the day based on the incoming material of the previous day: individual or group work? More separated animations or one short film?
  • Break
  • Animation I: mastering the zero layer

1pm to 2 pm


2pm to 5pm:

  • Animation II: drawing layers
  • Break
  • Animation III: Digitizing, cutting, prints
  • Review together the completed artwork
  • Closing

  • Markers (F,M) 13-13.
  • Sheets
  •  Chalk for the blackboard
  • Drawing board (wood, pressed card box, or any harder surface for the field work)
  • Coffee, Tea, and Snacks


  •  Lunch ( Both days )

Albums/videos:: Facebook, Meetup, Youtube, Instagram

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For booking inquiry, you can call us at: 9035182699, 7760710005, 9428909952


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