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Holi Celebration from Bangalore – Get ready for a memorable Holi

The most flamboyant festival is around the corner, and have you drawn your plans for it? Before you go around shopping for colors, gifts, and Pichkaris, I have got a secret to unveil of mesmerizing Holi celebration in Bangalore.

Did you know that many people are likely to travel more on events and festivals? As an added advantage, in a country like India with diverse culture, it can be amusing to travel during Indian festivals? Thus, we bring you a list of Top travel spots for a memorable holi-day from Bangalore.

This means celebrating holi away from home, but it also means newer people, newer places, and the newest holi experience ever! This isn’t the only compelling reason, we have a few more up our sleeves to get you on-board for a bright and colorful time of the year.

  1. Holi itself is a time of joy! Enjoy it far away from the city stress-free and far away from Instagram.
  2. Get lost in vibrancy, cultural diversity, and exploration of new places with an enthusiastic group of people, who share a similar passion.
  3. This festival of colors is celebrated all over the country. So traveling inside the country lets you bond with the locals and be a part of their way of celebration. 
  4. Since we have a long weekend in Bangalore city, why not use it as an opportunity to travel?

 Whether you wanna throw colors or wander around the beaches and the trees, we’ve got your back. Check out the events and jump in with us for the ride! 

Gokarna Beach Trek & Camping | 6th – 9th Mar 2020 | 2 days

Gokarna is a small beach town on the coast of the Arabian sea, home to a must-visit Hindu Pilgrimage site – the Mahabaleshwar temple. This quaint little town gets equal attention for its many calm and clean beaches; tourists from across the country, as well as foreigners, are drawn to the beauty of the town.

To really experience the sanctity and sightliness of Gokarna, we recommend trekking along the coastline and exploring one striking beach after another. You are bound to be a victim of love at first (beach) sight!

Kodachadri Trek | 6th – 8th Mar 2020 | 2 days

Nestled deep in the Western Ghats in the district of Shimoga and holding its place as the tenth highest peak in the State, Kodachadri is home to lush green jungle trails through dense tropical forests, picturesque waterfalls, and mesmerizing landscapes.

Catching a glimpse of the evening sunset into the Arabian Sea from its peak offers an enchanting experience; a combination of mountain and ocean, that very few peaks in the country can boast of.

Dandeli River Rafting & Camping | 6th – 8th Mar 2020 | 2 days

Dandeli is a small town in North Karnataka situated on the banks of the river Kali. By the virtue of being home to Mountains, Jungles, and the river, Dandeli is one of the favorite getaways for adventure enthusiasts, with white water rafting being the most favored sport.

Get the thrilling experience of white water rafting which is said to be the best water rafting in Karnataka.

Explore Hampi – Trek & Camping | 6th – 9th Mar 2020 | 2 days

Plan The Unplanned presents to you a Holi Blast in our very own state of Karnataka at Namma Hampi and remember the famous song of local artist Gali Hampi Bala Chenagide. Indeed Hampi shall be a treat during Holi.

The celebration doesn’t end here, to cater to the needs of your adventurous soul, we shall guide you to the hippie island that’s on the other side of the river. Riding on your moped, you’ll surely have a thrilling experience while exploring the painted walls and the fancy cafes that will completely blow your taste-buds!

Wayanad Night Trek & Camping | 6th – 8th Mar 2020 | 2 days

Let’s say goodbye to the mainstream ‘tourist attractions’ and wake up to the smell of lush greenery all around as you cross over to God’s own Country, Kerala.

Go on an adventure like never before to stunning places that are yet to make their mark even on Google. These hidden gems are guaranteed to give you an experience of a lifetime with an exciting combination of breathtaking views and an adrenaline-pumping adventure that’ll leave you begging for more!

Didupe & Ermail Falls Trek & Camping | 6th – 8th Mar 2020 | 2 days

Didupe and Ermai Waterfalls are the two very mesmeric waterfalls situated in Dakshin Karnataka. Emrai is known for the beautiful surrounding it is set in with gushing waters surrounded by flowers, posing for a picturesque photo.

The trail to Ermai waterfall is no less either- full of lush greenery. As for Didupe, the cold waters fall from magnificent heights which makes swimming in the pond quite a task.

Nonetheless, the challenge is worth some effort because there’s nothing more fulfilling than standing under the water that falls from such heights. The trail to Didupe waterfalls is one you’ll remember.

Kumta Beach Trek (Women’s Day Special) | 6th – 8th Mar 2020 | 2 days

Beach, the magnificent beauty of nature could strike the right cord when one wants to break out from their mundane life. This journey lets you explore a beautiful coastal town Kumta, situated in the Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka.

It is surrounded by secluded beaches where you can experience serene sunsets. This beach trek is all about hopping across beaches one after the other.

The adventure starts with witnessing Kagal fort and enjoying the scenic beauty of Heaven Beach, Small Heaven Beach, Mystery Cave Beach, Mangodlu Beach, Vannali Beach, and waterfalls amidst the forest.

Tadiandamol Coorg Trek | 6th – 8th Mar 2020 | 2 days

Coorg, as a part of its never-ending beauty and wonders, brings to you its highest point: Tadiandamol, which is located at an altitude of 5735 feet.

This stunning peak is surrounded by the greenery and expanses of the Shola forests, broken by the beautiful blueness of the water bodies that cut through it.

The word Tadiandamol in Kannada actually means a big mountain, which is what it exactly is.

Scuba Diving at Netrani Island | 6th – 9th Mar 2020 | 2 days

It’s time that you tick off SCUBA DIVING from your bucket list, and no, you need not travel abroad for that! Plan The Unplanned is all set to take you for an exciting trip to Netrani Island, which has one of the clearest diving sites in India.

Well, for Bangaloreans, this isn’t anything short of an adventure, to know that Karnataka has its own diving site and it’s just a stone throw away! Being a coral island, the area is perfectly suited for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Kunti Betta Sunrise Trek | 7th – 8th Mar | 2 days | 1 day

It’s time to leave the road and take the trails, trail towards relieving oneself with the utmost beauty of Kunti betta and see yet another living which is one of its kind on earth.

Though leaving the road is not that easy here’s just a small route to enter the trails, A 130 km drive on the Mysore road towards Mandya and then a right turn, past sugar cane plantations with the characteristic smell of jaggery plants, will take you to Pandavapura. 

Makalidurga | 8th Mar 2020 | 1 day

Makalidurga is a trek to one of the most enchanting places as this hill has twinkling skies, a rich history, and a railway line running through the lush greenery of the hills.

It’s because of this that a number of people, ranging from travel junkies to adventure lovers as well as those who adore nature, make their way to this stunning hill every weekend.

Everything is amidst lush green grasses and stunning views of nature. This day-trek will never fail to rejuvenate your mind and nerves!

So, get ready for the mad ride of Holi Party 2020 with your friends and other exciting crowd and paint each other’s faces with bright colors, and pack away some great memories.

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