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North East is the easternmost region of India. It is home to the eight most beautiful states of the country, including Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, and Tripura. North Eastern festivals mark the celebration of love, life, livelihood, and representation of indigenous tribes in one way or other. The people here are...
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Wayanad Night Trek
Itinerary: Friday: Leave Bangalore by night Saturday: Day hike to Aranamala waterfall, Visit sunset-point and night camping at Ambukutti hills Sunday: Watch the sunrise at Ambukutti hills, visit Irupu falls in Coorg district and drive through Nagarhole National park. Reach Bangalore by night. What to Expect on this trip? If one had to look up...
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Kedarkantha Trek Guide
Deemed to be one of the best winter treks in India, Kedarkantha is one of those rare Himalayan treks that remains accessible even during winters. Suitable for those looking to begin their journey into the Himalayas or even experienced trekkers looking for a quick getaway, the Kedarkantha trek offers a unique experience to trek across...
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guide to dandeli
Guide To Dandeli is all about watching the orange-red hues of the setting sun from atop Shiroli Peak like a painting come to life, rafting through the raging, sometimes calm river Kali, taking a ride back to the past at Shivaji Fort, discovering wildlife at the Wildlife Sanctuary and plenty of other experiences that are...
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The Saga Of An Arabian Beach Town They say that the end is often nothing but a new beginning. How about we look at this from a geographical perspective? A pilgrimage hub, with pristine and splendid beaches, at the crease of the vast Arabian sea. Tourists pour into the palm-lined sandy shores of the tranquil...
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Gandikota Travel Guide: A Trip To The Grand Canyon Of India
Gandikota-The Grand Canyon Of India A wise man once said that travel isn’t just about going from point A to point B. It’s about experiencing the culture, the vibes which a place has to offer, the stories people share with you during the journey. These experiences teach you so many things that indirectly let you...
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spiti in winter
Have you ever wished for a walk-in closet that would lead you to mystical lands? Yes, I’m referring to Narnia here! Why wait for a magical door when you can buy your way into our very own winter-wonderland, Spiti. Snow-capped mountains, frozen rivers, and a million stars above; Spiti in winter is bound to leave...
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Gandikota – Explore The Unparalleled Beauty Of The Great Canyon Of India
The architecture of India is rooted in culture, history and is magnificently unique with its style. As we marvel at the architectural assets of India that’s left behind, there is one such masterpiece piquing the adrenaline of travelers, standing as a highlight of South Indian travel destinations. Yes, I am talking about Gandikota! It is...
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Best Beaches in Sri Lanka
What stood true in the 1300s seems to stand even truer today. After all, Beaches in Sri Lanka has been receiving a lot of attention from tourists in recent times.  And why wouldn’t it? It’s got everything one would need for a memorable vacation, away from corporate files and deadlines- from hills to beaches, rain-forests...
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Sri Lanka
To the southern part of India lies a beautiful Island whose tales we have been hearing of, either be mythological or modern history for quite some time now. The beautiful Sri Lanka island is every traveler’s paradise as it offers a very diverse mixture of beaches, trek trails, exquisite food, and its rich cultural heritage....
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