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Travel Experiences

Kudremukh Trek Experience – What It Takes To Step Out Of The Comfort Zone?
What do you need to successfully complete a trek or to make it sound fancy, “to summit the mountain?” Well, here’s what I think: Firstly – Courage Yes! It starts with the courage to take the first step. You might have been an avid lover of trekking or a regular trekker at one point in...
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How Travel Made Me A Better Person
Don’t get surprised that Travel Made Me A Better Person, I haven’t traveled much but I’m very familiar with the feeling of exploring the new. You guessed it, I’ve been one of those curious children going around the school campus, wanting to explore hidden nooks and corners. My very first travel experience goes back to...
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I would go back to this place a 100 times!
What is your ideal break? A break from your usual life, a break from monotony.  For some it might be a long bike ride, for some it might be a day at the spa and for the adventurous souls,  it might be a whole lot more. For the adventurous ones, a Himalayan trek would be...
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How To Reach Bhutan – the Kingdom Of Dragons ?
One could fly down from respective metro cities or towns to Bagdogra! From Bagdogra airport, you can take a taxi or bus and reach the Howrah Petrol Pump, Hill Cart Road in Siliguri. At Howrah Petrol Pump you have buses one in the morning 6 – 7 AM ( approx ) and one in the noon...
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Experiencing Kunti Betta Trek With Plan The Unplanned
No matter when you ask me this question, my answer will always be the same: “Nothing”. But this weekend was different, I had a plan – a plan I was delayed for a really long time that Experiencing Kunti Betta Trek. But the moment I got to know none of my friends are coming, I...
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Plan or Unplanned
About a month ago, I woke up one morning, and as I usually do, (gasp!) I checked my phone.  A friend of mine had posted about a Football match in the city the next evening. I saw a chance to break out of the monotonous Home – Office – Home routine I had gotten into, and...
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Kudremukh Trek
The Forest Whisper – Kudremukha trek Faraway lands, where the pixies come to life in the dark of the night. That is where I have been. A rickety jeep ride on roads that have been gobbled by the muddy terrain. Bites nibbled right off the center by tire tracks that dig into the brown lanes....
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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” – John Keats. And then you open your eyes to wonder and find yourself embraced by clouds, trying to reach out to the deepest realms of your mind, making sure you stay awake. Such was the unraveling experience of Kodachadri trek. Recently shifting to Bangalore surely moved...
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Tadiandamol Trek | Plan The Unplanned
Some memories linger a little longer than others; some leave an esoteric imprint, whilst only a precious few warm you up from the inside and turn you into a storyteller. The mind-blowing expedition to ascend the peak of Tandiandamol, a mountain of such majestic beauty enveloped by an imposing atmosphere of serenity, is one such...
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This was my second visit to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town. Thanks to my job that paved way for me to go to Cape Town, (aka Mother City) a coastal city in South Africa. I work for a reputed biopharmaceutical company in Bangalore. My first trip to Cape Town...
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