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Travel Experiences

Trekkers often come up with questions about the type of trek that would suit them the most. If someone selects a trek on a whim without actually knowing about the trek difficulty level, they struggle during the trek because of different reasons: equipment, fitness level, etc. Worst of all, if someone has weak lungs or...
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Unplanned Stories
Traveling is liberating in itself. By indulging with communities, encountering cultures, meeting people, grasping stories, witnessing architecture, and snapping pictures, we bring back satisfaction. So many stories are moving under those huts, in those trains, on the hikes. Travel is not just necessary to discover what resides outside but also to search what’s inside. Plan...
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What makes us different
“The white tulips swayed by my side, and I could see double rainbows right across the hills. For a good while, it felt like a dream. But it was a reality. Nature was just doing what it does, but I was healed.” Traveling alone can bring the satisfaction that no amount of wealth can get....
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Wayanad Night Trek
Itinerary: Friday: Leave Bangalore by night Saturday: Day hike to Aranamala waterfall, Visit sunset-point and night camping at Ambukutti hills Sunday: Watch the sunrise at Ambukutti hills, visit Irupu falls in Coorg district and drive through Nagarhole National park. Reach Bangalore by night. What to Expect on this trip? If one had to look up...
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“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.” – Lewis Carroll Damn, how true these words are. Well, we all desire for a little adventure in life, and what can be better if we find a partner who’s always ready to set sail with us and embark on journeys...
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Trek & Travel Insurance
What is Travel and Trek Insurance and why should you take one? Interest in travel & trek insurance has been on the rise lately and for all the positive reasons, it is a very good thing to know. Read on to know why. We’ve been gifted with a beautiful world. And grabbing the opportunity to...
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tadiandamol peak trek
Tadiandamol Peak Trek, standing 1,748 m high from sea level, is the third-highest Peak in Karnataka. Known facts apart, here are the 7 Stages of experiences Tadiandamol Peak Trek gives you! First, Motorable Tar Road This road extends for around 2.75 km starting from a drop-off point, beyond which the only ways of traversal are...
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How About Spending a Weekend at a Heritage Home in the Western Ghats?
  So far all my trips have been planned in advance but this time I decided to go for an impromptu trip just to relax,chill and completely loose myself into the wild nature. I went on an exploratory bike ride trip in the western ghats in search of some unexplored trails, treks, and waterfalls. I...
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Experiencing The Best Of Hampi – Here’s All That You Need To Know!
Hampi- Get Stoned! I was pretty excited about Hampi. No idea why, but I was. I had an intuition that this place, be it a little barren or a different terrain in all, is definitely holding in itself, a surprise for me. The more I thought about it, the more I became restless and eager...
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