Lead the way on this adventurous path of being a Campus Ambassador for Plan The Unplanned

What will be in it for you?

  • A certificate from us, letting everyone else know what a cool and dedicated person you are!
  • An amazing chance to travel along with our team on adventurous treks. This will also be a great opportunity for you so that you can one day manage and lead our treks.
  • If you are an active ambassador, there’s going to be a lot of amazing stuff in it for you such as free trips, merchandise and goodies.

What work will you have to do exactly?

  • You will have to represent our team in your college campus.
  • Make sure everyone in college knows about our upcoming events by using whatever mode of communication you see fit.
  • You’ll have to maintain a database and submit a report every month to us (to tide you over when you are doing this part of the job, just remember Bond had to do some paperwork as well!)
  • You’ll get a taste of event management by coordinating our activities in your college campus.
  • If you are passionate about travel and being a part of something that will be both fun and a great learning experience, do NOT miss this amazing opportunity.

Preferred Location: Bangalore

Join the force